Honda Clarity Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle US Release Date

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Honda Clarity Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle US Release Date

Honda Clarity Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle US Release Date

Recently, Honda released some updated specs and information about the 2016 Honda Clarity hydrogen-powered car. Like other hydrogen cars, it’ll only be available in California at first, since the rest of the country doesn’t yet have the hydrogen fueling stations we’ll eventually need. But while we won’t be seeing the Honda Clarity arrive at Continental Honda any time soon, we still think it’s pretty cool. Here’s the latest news on what we can expect to see – well, what Californians can expect to see – when this futuristic new car arrives.

2016 Honda Clarity US Price and Release

The 2016 Honda Clarity will make its first debut in Japan this March. At first, it’ll mainly go into Japanese government and business fleets, then leases will be extended to Japanese consumers. Honda expect that the fuel cell vehicle will go on to be offered for lease in California in late 2016.

It’s too early for US price details to be available, but we can make a pretty good guess based on the Japanese pricing. The fuel cell vehicle will start at 7.66 million yen, which is about $63,630 in US dollars. Of course, that’s before any of the California incentives and tax breaks for electric vehicles come into play, so the actual cost to the customer will probably be a bit less.

Honda Clarity Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle US Release Date

2016 Honda Clarity Specs

Technological innovations to the Honda Clarity’s fuel cell stack have made it 33% smaller than its first versions were, reducing it to about the size of a conventional V-6 engine. That means it’ll fit entirely under the hood of the car, allowing the roughly Honda Accord-sized hydrogen car to have a similarly spacious and comfortable cabin. This fuel cell stack powers a lithium-ion battery, which powers the car’s 174-horsepower electric motor. This is a zero-emission vehicle — using hydrogen fuel to generate electricity means the only exhaust coming out of the tailpipe will be water and hot air.

Learn more about Honda technology here!

The Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle is expected to take about 3 minutes to refuel, and it should be able to go over 300 miles between refueling. These numbers are still preliminary, though, and they could easily go up or down for the final production version of the car.

Expect to be able to test-drive one at Continental Honda someday, maybe, hopefully, in like five or ten years? Someday. We don’t really know. Until then, keep checking our blog for more Honda news!

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