Winter Tires Provide Extra Security While Driving in Snow

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety, Tips & Tricks on Thursday, December 14th, 2017 at 2:16 PM
Car tires on winter road

Benefits of Switching to Snow Tires in the Winter 

Here in Chicago, we’re no strangers to winter driving. We know the ins and outs of keeping control of your vehicle when the roads are icy, and the fear that goes along with losing control – however briefly – while driving on the highway. That’s why it’s common knowledge that winter tires are a must-have for drivers up here in Illinois during the winter months. 

all wheel four wheel tire driving in snowSure, all-season tires are durable and offer the traction you need from spring to fall, but come winter, their treads and rubber design just aren’t going to cut it. That’s where the specifically designed snow tires come in, to add an extra element of control and safety to your drive.  

Snow tires work to improve your winter drive by adding extra traction where you need it. The tires feature different tread patterns than you’d find on regular tires. The snow tires have wider grooves that allow snow, ice, and water to pass through them more easily, reducing your risk of hydroplaning.  

Another benefit of winter tires is the material they’re made of. While your standard tires will freeze up and lose elasticity, snow tires feature a unique soft rubber compound that won’t freeze up, so that your tires can continue to conform to the road for better control on uneven, icy surfaces.  

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Find New Winter Tires at Continental Honda 

If you’re in need of a set of snow tires for the coming winter months, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Continental Honda, we’ll be happy to get you situated with the correct winter tires for your vehicle – no matter its make or brand! Just give us a call, stop by or contact us online with any questions you may have. 

You can also schedule a service appointment to set up a time for us to install your new tires for you. We’ll be happy to help get you out there on the road safely. 

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