Best Used Cars For Teen Drivers In Chicago

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best used cars for teen drivers in chicago

What was your first car? Whether it was a beat-up old rust-bucket or an object of envy for your whole high school parking lot, we bet you’ve got fond memories. Getting your first set of wheels is a modern-day rite of passage, a teenager’s first step toward independence. Driving the right car makes you cool. As a parent, the decision looks a little different. While it’d be nice to see your kid driving a car they love, you also want them to make a practical choice. Above all, you want your teen driver to stay safe. It can be hard to agree on a car that checks all these boxes, but Continental Honda is here to help! Here’s why certified pre-owned Hondas are some of the best used cars for teen drivers in Chicago.

A Used Car That Lasts

Reliability is always important, but it’s especially important when you’re choosing a first car. Ideally, your teen driver’s first car will last them all the way through college with minimal problems. When you choose a Honda Certified pre-owned car, you’re getting a late-model used car that’s been exhaustively inspected and restored to like-new condition. You’re also getting one of the best used car warranties in the business – 7-year or 100,000-mile powertrain coverage, plus 12-month, 12,000-mile coverage on everything else. Even older Honda cars have a long-standing reputation for reliability – whatever your budget is like, a used Honda will serve your teenage driver well for years to come.

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Safe Cars For New Drivers

Finding a good first car can be a bit of a balancing act – you want a car that’s affordable, but you also want as much modern safety equipment as possible. Fortunately, used Hondas excel on safety too. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety keeps a list of the best used cars for teen drivers, based on crash test scores. Used Honda Accord, Honda CR-VHonda Pilot, and Honda Odyssey models all topped the rankings.

The IIHS also recommends getting your teen driver a car with electronic stability control. Next to anti-lock brakes, this is one of the most important safety features for a new driver. ESC wasn’t required on all new cars until 2012, so it’s not a guarantee when you’re shopping used. But it’s been standard on every Honda SUV since 2007, and every Honda Accord since 2008. Once again, Honda has you covered!

best used cars for teen drivers in chicago

best used cars for teen drivers in chicago

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