What flexible payment options is Honda currently offering for Chicago drivers?

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A very excited/shocked woman stands beside text that reads, "NO PAYMENT FOR 90 DAYS!" "Purchase a new 2019 or 2020 Honda and make no payments for the first 3 months!" Below is an "APPLY NOW>" button and fine print.

Honda Payment Deferment and Flexible Financing Options in Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted nearly every American to varying degrees. One aspect of this impact is financial; the traditional American economy was hit hard by a virus that made inter-personal contact itself dangerous. It feels like something out of a highly-original sci-fi novel.

To keep their businesses alive, many services have both altered their practices and offered special incentives to customers. One industry that has gone hard in both these categories is the automotive. How has Honda (our personal favorite automaker) decided to respond?

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Currently, drivers in Chicago in need of a new vehicle are being provided by Honda with the option to defer payments on their purchase for ninety days. The offer applies to the purchase of a new 2019 or 2020 Honda model. In other words, buyers of a new 2019 or 2020 Honda will not be required to make any payments for the first three months. This should be helpful for those whose income is temporarily impacted by the coronavirus and corresponding quarantine.

The offer above is valid for well-qualified buyers through Honda Financial Services. It’s currently set to last through May 4, 2020. It can be implemented on all new and unregistered Honda models with credit that’s approved through Honda Financial Services. Those who desire more information can feel free to contact us right here at Continental Honda.

Honda Efforts to Help those Financially Affected by the Coronavirus

The offer for 90-day payment deferment was kicked off by Honda with a letter to its customers in which the venerable automaker noted that it is aware of the financial stresses currently confronting many current (and potential) Honda drivers due to COVID-19. To help lessen the burden, Honda introduced several financial programs.

Honda Hardship Help – Flexible Financing for Current Honda Drivers

In addition to the 90-day deferment (which applies to buyers of new Honda models), Honda is offering “Hardship Help” to those who already hold accounts with HFS. This includes payment extensions and deferrals, along with available late fee waivers. Those intrigued by the Hardship Help offer should head to the Honda Financial Services website. Be prepared to exercise patience, however, as like many organizations offering relief at the moment, HFS has been heavily inundated with requests.

At Continental Honda, we also currently have an array of Certified Pre-Owned, lease, and Loyalty offers that can also be used to help buyers get a good price.

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