Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

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If you’ve ever had a dashboard warning light come on, the immediate response is typically “What does that mean?”. Here to help you understand what your Honda dashboard warning lights mean is the Conintnental Honda team. Below, we have a complete list of Honda dashboard warning lights with images as to what each light means.

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How Serious is a Dashboard Warning Light?

Honda’s dashboard warning lights are categorized into two groups, critical or general information. A general information warning light will be green or blue and is simply an alert that a system is on or off. A critical warning light will be red or amber colored and requires immediate attention. Critical warning lights are then categorized into either a malfunction indicator or a condition indicator.

Malfunction Warning Lights

red brake warning light
Brake System

Oil can warning light
Low Oil Pressure

battery dashboard light
Charging System

air bag warning light
Supplemental Restraint System

yellow key with exclamation warning light
Smart Entry System

check engine light
Check Engine

ABS warning Light
Anti-Lock Brakes

yellow exclamation point light
Tire Pressure Monitoring System

yellow light dashboard light
Light Control

P dashboard light
Parking Sensor System

collision warning light
Collision Mitigation Braking System

car fishtail warning light
Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

brake system light
Brake System

steering wheel dashboard light
Electronic Power Steering

Starter System light
Starter System

A light dashboard light
Automatic High-Beam Assist

ACC warning light
Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC)

LKAS meaning
Lane Keeping Assist System(LKAS)

car warning light
Road Departure Mitigation

Condition Indicator Warning Lights

red brake warning light
Parking Brake

seat belt reminder
Seat Belt Reminder

doors warning light
Door Open

gas can
Low Fuel

yellow exclamation point light
Low Tire Pressure

windshield light
Low Washer Fluid

information warning light
System Message

Wrench dash light
Maintenance Minder

green key light

General Information Dashboard Lights

VSA off

car fishtail warning light
VSA Engaged

cruise main
Cruise Main On

cruise control light
Cruise Control On

black acc light

black LKAS light

collision warning light

green arrows
Turn Signals/Hazards

fog lights
Fog Lights On

green lights
Exterior Lights On

green a light
Auto High-Beam On

green leaf light
ECON Mode On

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Continental Honda Service Department

If your dashboard warning lights come on that are critical indicators, come see our service department at Continental Honda. We have an expert staff that can perform any vehicle repair your Honda may need. We can also help with preventative maintenance on your Honda by performing regularly scheduled oil changes, tire rotations and more. Click the banner above to schedule a service appointment with our team.

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    I have a 2014 Accord EX coupe. I get a chime after starting a low battery image with the word “key” above it. My car is push button start. Is this warning talking about a low battery on my key fob?

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    what is warning light tpms?

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