The Future of Fuel Runs Through the Honda FCEV Concept

By Product Expert | Posted in Honda Concepts on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 at 1:03 PM
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Honda FCEV Concept Chicago

Concept cars tend to draw a great deal of attention at local auto shows. The appeal can be attributed to the bold and imaginative designs that might tip what the typical passenger car will look like years down the road, and sneak peeks into the upper limits of modern automotive technology certainly don’t cause folks to shy away either.

It is safe to say that the effort put forth by Honda at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show succeeds in highlighting both the design and the technology that might mark the future of four-wheeled motorcars as we know them. Though this isn’t the first that we’ve seen of Honda’s fuel-cell-powered prototype, local drivers can catch a glimpse of the Honda FCEV in Chicago through the end of the auto show on February 17.

Honda’s fuel cell officially debuted a few months ago at the L.A. Auto Show. Now, Honda fans and fuel-efficiency enthusiasts can check out the Honda FCEV in Chicago at the nation’s largest auto show. All fuel-efficiency enthusiasts are invited to lay eyes on the car due to the alternative power source on which the concept vehicle is designed to run.

Understanding the significance of the Honda FCEV requires a look at the meaning behind the letters in the car’s name; “FC” stands for fuel cell and “EV” stands for electric vehicle. Since hybrids have familiarized many the workings of an electric vehicle, understanding the benefit of a fuel cell will bring the excitement surrounding this concept full circle.


The Honda FCEV Concept seen at the Chicago Auto Show seats five and runs off a hydrogen fuel cell.

A fuel cell is essentially an instrument that uses a chemical process to create electricity. This means that the Honda FCEV concept does not receive the electricity that powers the car by directly plugging into existing current. Rather, the car starts with hydrogen as a fuel source and turns that hydrogen into electricity through the use of the fuel cell.

As far is practicality is concerned, the Honda FCEV concept could achieve a driving range of approximately 300 miles and take only minutes to refuel to maximum capacity. This stands in stark contrast to the hours that electric vehicles take to recharge under ideal circumstances.

Of course, much of the infrastructure required to make fuel cells a logistic possibility is still in development. Honda assures, however, that they are pursuing the future in this regard with vigor. Local drivers can see that same future in the face of the Honda FCEV concept in Chicago through the end of the auto show.

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