Has the Honda N600 Serial One Been Completed?

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Honda Serial One

Honda fans that have been following the restoration process for the 1967 Honda N600 Serial No. 1000001 don’t have to wait any longer for the Serial One’s reveal. After a six-month long restoration, the first Honda in the United States looks just like new thanks to the hard work of mechanic Tim Mings. Mings is the only full-time Honda 600 mechanic and has been able to share his progress on the #HondaSerialOne through a 12-episode documentary series. See the completely restored N600 Serial One in all of its glory below.

1967 Honda N600 Serial One

Serial One Restoration Progress Videos

  1. Restoring #HondaSerialOne, the first Honda automobile in the U.S.
  2. Tim Mings removes Serial One’s engine 50+ years later
  3. The sounds of removing a dent from the Honda Serial One
  4. Removing Honda Serial One’s Flywheel
  5. An update on the Honda Serial One’s engine
  6. Protecting Serial One’s new body with powder coating
  7. A fresh coat of paint for Serial One
  8. Serial One’s engine lives again
  9. A visit to the American Honda Collection Hall
  10. Tying up Serial One’s loose ends
  11. Will Serial One be restored by the JCCS?
  12. Serial One Reveal

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