How does Chicago impact the automotive tech industry?

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Car Tech Companies in Chicago

Chicago impacts the automotive industry in a variety of ways. One of these is through the proliferation of car-focused tech companies in the city. This goes way back to before tech was cool; in 1980, CCC Information Services was founded. Then, in the 1990s, along came NAVTEQ and

Recently, however, a waterfall of newfangled tech startups have gotten in on the party. Some standouts you may have heard of include DRIVIN, SpotHero and ParkWhiz. But there are many more automotive tech innovators in the Windy City. Read on below to learn more about some of the latest electronic wave-makers. 


Snapsheet makes it easier for individuals to submit an insurance claim after a car accident. Like many startups, the way they do this is by bringing the whole process to one’s mobile device in the form of an app and coating the experience with a lovely UI. Snapsheet currently works with at least 35 different insurance companies.

KAR Global

KAR Global powers automotive marketplaces. Basically, it helps everyone involved in the car selling process, such as manufacturers, financial institutions, insurance companies and dealer groups, accomplish the necessities: buying, selling and trading used cars.


Affinitiv helps car dealerships stay engaged with their customers throughout the entire vehicular life cycle. It’s already used by many top auto brands to keep the dealers in touch with consumers long after they leave their dealership lot.

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CarAdvise is out to solve one of the problems as old as the automotive industry itself: the shady mechanic. By providing a plethora of information on maintenance procedures and fair costs, it ensures customers are aware of whether they’re getting an acceptable repair.

Buying cars has been one of the last shopping experiences to gain any significant traction online. is trying to change that with its fully-online showroom and within-the-week home delivery.

Lotlinx, Inc.

The internet opens up many new ways for dealerships and automakers to reach potential customers. Lotlinx, Inc. uses targeted marketing tech to help gain business for their clients from as many of those web-users as possible.

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