Where can I buy medical masks near Chicago, IL?

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A group of doctors ready with facemasks in place.

Though the CDC initially told citizens not to wear face masks to combat the coronavirus, and to instead leave those masks for health care workers, they are now reversing that mandate. Individuals are encouraged to wear masks any time they leave the house; this has been touted as a noble way to prevent oneself from spreading the virus to others, as we now know the virus is spread quite a bit even by those who don’t show any symptoms at all.

With this in mind, many are wondering for the first time in their lives: where do I go to buy a medical face mask? Read on to find some primary medical face mask selling locations in and around Chicago.

Where to Buy Face Masks for COVID-19 in the Chicago Area

Two main stores from which to buy medical face masks in the Chicago area appear to be Walgreens and CVS. To avoid going into public to buy the masks, individuals can shop for them online on the stores’ respective websites.

Other options include Oswald’s Pharmacy out in Naperville.

When searching websites for face masks, be wary of other types of masks coming up, such as “beauty masks” and Halloween masks. Other terms to use to find medical masks include “surgical masks” and “face mask medical.”

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A group of health workers wear masks in a hospital.

Make Your Own Mask

It’s possible that you won’t be able to find masks around due to the shortage and need for them in the medical profession, as well as the high demand from citizens. In this case, it’s recommended that individuals make their own face masks.

There are many tutorials online to make a wide variety of medical masks using common household materials. Even if this is not usually your thing, it’s being encouraged more and more as the CDC insists that we are currently in a situation analogous to a war effort, and every citizen needs to do their part.  

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