Where can I get my brakes flushed near Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service on Monday, December 30th, 2019 at 2:56 PM
A detailed diagram of an automotive braking system.

Brakes: they’re obviously one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It’s pretty frightening to imagine a world where drivers have no way to stop their rides. And we don’t like the idea of putting our bare feet down on the pavement like Fred Flintstone all that much either.

But with brakes being so important, why is it they often get overlooked for maintenance? One maintenance procedure it’s important to have performed periodically is a brake flush. Where can drivers get their brakes flushed near Chicago?

Brake flushing is one of the many services offered here at Continental Honda! If you’re due for a brake flush, or if your brake response is feeling a mite sluggish, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in to our lovely Continental Honda service center as soon as possible.

A mechanic looks at a brake inquisitively.

What does brake fluid do?

Brake fluid is the element responsible for causing the brake pads to press on the rotor and slow down tire rotation. Similarly to how electricity runs through a wire to turn on a light, brake fluid runs through the brake line to press down the brake pads.

When should I get a brake flush?

A brake fluid flush is recommended every three years. If you’re experiencing sluggish brake response, this is another sign to take your vehicle in.

Why do brakes need to be flushed?

Brakes endure quite a bit. They do their work in a high-heat, high-friction environment. Metal components are rubbing against each other all over the place, and microscopic debris is being shed. This debris then builds up in the brake fluid. Additionally, moisture seeps in through the brake lines, and fluid gets diluted.

You can imagine how a light switch with dirty, diluted electricity won’t do a great job of turning on a light. So too, a brake line with defective brake fluid won’t work to activate the brakes. Decreased stop power, increased stop distances… the results are not pretty. This is especially hazardous when driving in a city like Chicago.

When one gets a brake flush performed, the lines are emptied and refilled with fresh, functional fluid. Get it done today at Continental Honda!

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