Where can I have my car winterized near Chicago?

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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter near Chicago, IL

As of this writing, the winter here in Illinois has partially already passed. If you haven’t winterized your car yet, you’re probably realizing that it might be a pretty good idea to do so. Lots of aspects of the winter season can cause damage to an unprepared vehicle. Not only nature’s “blessings” such as the cold temperatures, ice and snow, but also our man-made responses to the elements in the form of road salt all like to have their say.

A good way to proactively combat such wear and tear is to get your vehicle winterized. “Winterizing” involves performing a variety of tune-ups, check-ups, and service procedures all aimed at improving your car’s ability to endure the winter. Where can one get their vehicle winterized near Chicago?

Our service center here at Continental Honda would be more than happy to winterize your vehicle for you. Our trained and certified technicians have copious amounts of experience readying automobiles for all kinds of weather. At Continental Honda, you’ll be sure to leave with a vehicle that wouldn’t find itself out of sorts on the planet Hoth.*

What does the winterizing process include?

Winterizing often encompasses a variety of services. Common tune-ups performed for this procedure include:

  • Replacing windshield wipers
  • Applying winter tires
  • Checking, charging, or replacing the battery
  • Optimizing engine oil
  • Checking radiator and heater hoses
  • Lock lubrication to prevent freezing
  • Wax coating
  • Adding floormats

Whatever your particular vehicle needs for the winter, our service team will be happy to deduce and provide it. See why our reputation for doing excellent work in a shockingly timely manner is justified. After our trusted professional have “done their thing,” you’ll finally be able to laugh in the smug, cruel face of the Illinois winter.**

*Claim not confirmed

**Not recommended

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