Where can I recycle antifreeze near Chicago?

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A mechanic pours antifreeze into an open hole under the hood of a car.

Antifreeze Recycling Locations in the Chicago Area

If you’ve got some old antifreeze laying around, it’s probably a good idea to get rid of it. This strangely sweet-tasting fluid is dangerously alluring to children and pets alike. And while you may be tempted to mix it in with some whiskey in the tradition of Fireball (the reason this brand of booze is illegal in several European countries), we’d instead recommend recycling it.

We’ve compiled some great anti-freeze disposal options for Chicago citizens. So, find the one that works best for you, and have at it! Read on to find out: where can antifreeze be safely and responsibly recycled in the Chicago area?

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City of Chicago Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility/City of Chicago Household Chemicals & Computer Recycling Facility

1150 N North Branch Street, Chicago

Hours: Tuesday 7 am to noon, Thursday 2 pm to 7 pm, and the first Saturday of each month from 8 am to 3 pm.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

5249 W 79th Street, Burbank

8717 Ogden Ave, Lyons

Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm, Saturday 8 am to 5 pm, Sunday 9 am to 3 pm

14200 Cicero Ave, Crestwood

250 Ogden Ave, Downer’s Grove

Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm, Saturday 8 am to 5 pm, Sunday 10 am to 3 pm

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O’Hare Auto Recycling Corp

9355 West Bernice, Schiller Park

Hours: Open 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, and closed on Sunday.

Note: In order to be accepted here, anti-freeze cannot be mixed in oil.

Maxsafe Antifreeze

298 Beinoris Dr, Wood Dale

If you’re a business that needs to dispose of your anti-freeze, Maxsafe Antifreeze can do a pick-up. Give them a call at 800-573-8734. They do not accept drop-offs.

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What is antifreeze?

Antifreeze, also known as engine coolant, lowers the freezing point of water in your engine. It also prevents the liquid from boiling at high temperatures.

When does antifreeze need to be recycled?

It actually takes a while before antifreeze needs to be recycled. If unopened, antifreeze will last indefinitely. Once it’s been opened, it should last up to eight years.


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