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Who made the Honda "Paper" video?

Who made the Honda “Paper” video?

There’s something special about stop-motion film. Whether it’s the intricacy or just the sheer creativity of it, stop-motion films tell us that anything is possible. There is no better example of the endless capabilities of stop-motion film than the the Honda “Paper” video. But who made the Honda “Paper” video? It’s motionographer PES! He’s well-known for his videos on YouTube in addition to a variety of TV commercials for many major brands, including Honda. Most recently PES and a team of illustrators and animators created the video Honda Paper. Watch the PES Honda Paper video here.

To make the video PES and his team used thousands upon thousands of individual, hand-drawn illustrations. While the team could have just created everything in CGI, they instead opted to take a more practical route. We’re so glad they did. The result is stunning! In addition to creating an incredible film, PES and his team were also kind enough to create a behind-the-scenes video. Here’s a closer look at how they did what they did.


And there you have it! Was there a Honda vehicle you wish would have made it into the film? Sound off in the comments!

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