2015 Honda Odyssey Chicago

Everyone knows of at least one television program with reruns they could watch over and over again. Yet as technology carries us further and further into the future, relating to characters and situations from older sitcoms becomes more difficult for the modern viewer. Much of this can be directly attributed to the ubiquity of the mobile, Web-connected device.

Thinking back to shows in the 1990s, many of the problems encountered night after night could easily have been remedied via text messaging, Google, or any number of simple apps. Go back even further and anyone carrying a smartphone might be considered one wielding a magic pocket watch. Then again, that same audience might also make a similar comment with respect to any behind the wheel of modern a minivan.

With convenient solutions that range from safety cameras to collapsable seating, newest models of Honda’s Odyssey minivan prove that design and engineering have come a long way since the 1990s. Gone are the days of complicated seating configurations and staring out the window for family entertainment. The technology era is in full swing, and those looking for the 2015 Honda Odyssey in Chicago can now experience its full extent at Continental Honda in Countryside.

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Honda Odyssey Chicago

Honda Odyssey Chicago

Young drivers who grew up in the second and third rows of older minivan models may remember how rigid the configurations could be. The new era of minivan engineering includes convenient seating features that are far from rigid, however. In fact, “fluid” may be the best term to describe Honda Odyssey’s signature One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd-Row Magic Seat®.

As its name suggests, the 2015 Honda Odyssey features a final row that goes from upright to fully collapsed in one pull-strap motion. This affords families the flexibility to either take on Odyssey’s full capacity of eight passengers or create a flat cargo floor for spacious hauling behind the minivan’s second row. Altogether, the 2015 Honda Odyssey in Chicago is much more than a familiar rerun as far as minivan models are concerned.

2015 Honda Odyssey Countryside

In the same way that entertainment media have evolved in recent years, in-vehicle options have also reached new heights with respect to personal and family-friendly solutions. Available HondaLink technology presents drivers with a variety of audio choices, including podcasts and custom radio channels. A 16.2-inch ultra-wide rear DVD screen is also available to keep multiple parties happy on lengthier excursions.

For the latest that America’s most trusted auto brand has to offer, drivers interested in the 2015 Honda Odyssey in Chicago can find a local selection at Continental Honda in Countryside. Contact Continental Honda today for more information on the automaker’s 2015 vehicle line.

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2015 Honda Odyssey Countryside, Illinois