2016 Honda Accord vs 2015 Honda Accord
2016 Honda Accord 2015 Honda Accord
7 inch Available Touchscreen 6 inch
Available Leather-trimmed seats Available
60/40 split Fold-down seats No divide
Available on all trims Honda Sensing Safety Features Available on limited trims

2016 Honda Accord vs 2015 Honda Accord

Rear view of the elegant 2016 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has a long history of hitting all the right notes. This family-friendly sedan has smooth handling, solid power, steady dependability, and reliable comfort in a roomy, well-appointed cabin. In recent years, technology has even been added to the mix, with the Accord easily keeping pace with its competitors and pulling steadily ahead. When comparing the 2016 Honda Accord vs 2015 Honda Accord it's easy to see how Honda has maintained the quality of the existing Accord model while adding steady improvements.

Safety is one key place where the 2015 Honda Accord was good, but the 2016 Accord is even better. Standard on the 2015 model are antilock brakes, a full complement of airbags, stability and traction assistance and a rear view camera, with lane-departure and forward-collision warnings available on some trims. For the 2016 model year, all Honda Sensing safety systems are available on all trims. The systems enabled by Honda's sophisticated radar technology include adaptive cruise control (which slows the Accord automatically when it gets too close to another vehicle), lane-keeping assistance, and integrated braking technologies to minimize collision.

Technology on the 2016 Honda Accord

The excellent safety features available on the 2016 Honda Accord are not the only way that Honda has expanded on its technological options for the new model year. The 2015 Honda Accord has iPod connectivity via USB port and dual-zone climate control for optimal driver and passenger comfort. The 2016 Honda Accord capitalizes on those capabilities and expands upon them. When it comes to passenger comfort, the 2016 Honda Accord has also been the beneficiary of some new tweaks which create a quieter cabin and more engaging handling.

Both the 2016 and 2015 Accord models continue the proud tradition of Honda excellence and reliability, but when comparing the 2016 Honda Accord vs 2015 Honda Accord it's easy to see that the 2016 has received some small but significant improvements for the comfort and safety of its riders. Contact us at 888-865-0378 for more information on either of these Accord models.

2016 Honda Accord with Android Auto integration