2015 Honda Accord in Countryside, IL

Buying Honda vs. Leasing Honda

Car commercials come in all shapes and sizes. Avid television watchers are likely to recollect their favorites throughout the year, and a new batch of seasonal ads is guaranteed with each approaching holiday season. Underneath the surface, however, there are truly only two types of auto ads. No matter what occurs in the commercial itself, buying and leasing remain the two options drivers can exercise at their local dealership.

For Chicago-area drivers and Continental Honda customers, both options represent viable paths to piloting a quality vehicle. Nevertheless, those considering buying Honda vs. leasing Honda are well-served to also consider how circumstances like finances and lifestyle should affect their automotive decision.

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2015 Honda Accord

Leasing a Honda in Chicago

When it comes to leasing a Honda in the Chicago area, the process provides a great deal of short-term and mid-term value to local drivers. Leases allow for lower monthly payments than new car financing, and warranties typically cover all maintenance costs over the life of the lease. Looking statistically at buying Honda vs. leasing Honda, studies have even shown leased vehicles to represent a lower five-year cost when compared with financed alternatives.

Many who purchase Hondas, however, drive their car longer than five years. Those same studies show that the real value of buying a Honda in Chicago comes further down the line. The entire family of Honda vehicles has been proven to retain value for many years. For those who buy Honda, that value equates to money in their pocket. 

The Honda Leasing Lifestyle 

Any analysis of the buying Honda vs. leasing Honda question that focused entirely on finances would be far too simplistic. Honestly speaking, leasing a Honda in Chicago is simply a better choice for certain lifestyles. Low monthly leasing payments allow drivers to seek out cars they may not normally be able to afford. Three-year lease agreements also ensure that folks can drive cars with the most up-to-date technology features available.

Whatever your circumstances may be in considering buying Honda vs. leasing Honda, great service and selection can be found near Chicago at Continental Honda in Countryside, IL. Contact Continental Honda today for more information on buying or leasing a Honda in Chicago.

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2015 Honda Accord