Continental Honda Certified Used Cars

Continental Certified Used Cars

Individual automakers have been developing certification processes for their own vehicle models for a number of years. In fact, drivers can even search Continental Honda’s inventory for pre-owned vehicles that have earned Honda’s official stamp of approval. Continental Motors has recently developed its own certification process, however; and its scope is like nothing else seen in the Chicagoland pre-owned vehicle market.

Whereas Honda’s process is focused solely on late-model, low mileage Hondas, the Continental Certified Used Cars program allows drivers looking for any type of vehicle to buy with confidence. Continental knows that buying a used car can feel a lot like buying into some previous driver’s automotive issues. This is why Continental’s approach to used car certification absorbs all of those common fears so that local drivers simply don’t have to. 


Continental Certified Used Cars

Continental Certified Used Cars

The first step in Continental’s used car certification process is organized around vehicle quality. Continental will run a vehicle history report to ensure that the car has been serviced properly, the odometer is correct, and much more. Then comes an 80-point inspection that examines every major mechanical and electrical system at work in the automobile.  At the end of the day, this means that everything from the engine to the air conditioning is on par with Continental’s quality standards.

Having addressed the fear of poorly working auto parts, Continental Honda Certified Used Cars are also protected against the fear of “buyer’s remorse.” Each used car certified by Continental includes a three-day or 250-mile exchange policy. This means drivers who may be second guessing their decision have three days to bring their vehicle back to Continental Honda and exchange it for another that they know they’ll love.

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Last but not least, even drivers that love their vehicle choice may hold onto a fear about how their vehicle will hold up as the weeks go by. Continental Honda mitigates this fear with the dealership’s 30-day/1,000-mile vehicle warranty. For any covered parts that begin to show signs of difficulty within your first 30 days of ownership, Continental will address those difficulties at no cost to you.

As Chicago-area drivers begin to search out used cars that they can trust, the search begins with Continental Motors. Identify Continent’s official logo for certification and you can be well on your way to peace of mind inside a Continental Honda Certified Used Car. Feel free to start browsing Continental’s current selection of pre-owned vehicles and contact the dealership directly for full program details.