Honda CR-V LX vs. Honda CR-V EX
Honda CR-V LX Honda CR-V EX
4 speakers Audio System 6 speakers
16 inches Wheel Size 17 inches
No Moonroof Yes
No Fog Lights Yes

Honda CR-V LX vs. Honda CR-V EX

Experience. It’s the one thing that every college graduate wants but can’t seem to get. It’s the one thing you want your baby sitter, pediatrician, and political representatives to have. It’s also the metric by which many companies determine pay raises, promotions, and organizational advancements. Yes, experience is an in-demand quality across every inch of the social spectrum—and that includes the time drivers spend behind the wheel of an SUV.

Driver experience is a fundamental value expressed in the design of every Honda vehicle. A thorough comparison of a singular model’s trim offerings allows drivers to see how Honda enhances vehicle experience from one level to another. Take a comparison of the Honda CR-V LX vs. Honda CR-V EX for example; while a large number of standard convenience features are included in Honda’s entry-level CR-V, the EX version of the nation’s best-seller takes the foundational CR-V experience to even greater heights.



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Honda CR-V LX and EX Differences

Honda CR-V

There is no denying that the Honda CR-V is a true value at each of the SUV’s trim levels. The staff at U.S. News & World Report has given drivers every reason to believe this by recognizing the Honda CR-V as Best Compact SUV for the Money in 2014. Drivers weighing the Honda CR-V LX and EX differences must simply decide which version of “best” represents the SUV experience that they’re looking for. In addition to a larger wheel height, the exterior of the Honda CR-V EX is enhanced by functional fog lamps. Drivers inside the cabin also benefit from audio upgrades and a one-touch power moonroof.

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