Honda Odyssey Touring vs. Touring Elite
Honda Odyssey Touring Honda Odyssey Touring Elite
7 speaker, 246 watt Audio System 650 watt, surround sound
9 inch, single frame DVD Player 16.2 inch, split screen
No HD Radio Yes
No HondaVAC™ Yes

Honda Odyssey Touring vs. Touring Elite

Choice. When looking to the dictionary for a definition of the word “elite,” the idea can rightfully be summed up in one word. The first lexical entry underneath the term describes its meaning as “the choice or best of anything.” This allows “choice” to succinctly specify all that is meant to be understood by anything bearing the label of elite.

In the minivan category, the Honda Odyssey is already considered a choice option among the many models available on the market today. Yet even within the Honda Odyssey family, specific trim levels naturally delineate the hierarchy of available feature packages. Drivers comparing the Honda Odyssey Touring vs. Touring Elite are familiar with this distinction. They may not, however, be familiar with all of the differences between the two. This is why Continental Honda has matched the minivans side-by-side for a quick look at what makes the Odyssey’s top trim level truly elite.



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Differences between Honda Odyssey Touring and Touring Elite

Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Chicago

As far as Honda’s lineup of Odyssey minivans is concerned, Touring and Touring Elite represent the top two options available for drivers today. This means that Odyssey Touring is near-fully loaded and Touring Elite is loaded to capacity. Following the flow of the Honda Odyssey Touring vs. Touring Elite comparison chart posted above, Honda’s top-tier minivan proves its elite status which a choice selection of entertainment technology. Whereas Odyssey Touring brings seven audio speakers and a nine-inch DVD screen, Touring Elite brings 12 speakers with theater-quality surround sound and an ultra-wide DVD setup with split screen capabilities. Touring Elite is also the only Odyssey in Honda’s lineup to include the highly acclaimed in-vehicle HondaVAC™.

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