2017 Honda Pilot Honda Pilot EX-L
10 speaker, 360 watt Audio System 7 speaker, 240 watt
12 volt, 115 volt Electric Outlets 12 volt only
Standard Navigation Optional
Standard DVD Entertainment Optional

Honda Pilot Touring vs. Honda Pilot EX-L

“This model here is top-of-the-line.” Whether it has been true or not, almost every homeowner shopping for a new dishwasher or refrigerator has likely heard the “top-of-the-line” sales pitch. Knowing that folks are not likely interested in comparing dishwasher performance reviews, department store associates can often get away with talking up an appliance model with whatever descriptors they see fit.

It's a different story when it comes to automobiles, however. Not only do people tend to enjoy vehicle research, but there are also some objective means by which to evaluate certain models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Consider a comparison examining the Honda Pilot Touring vs. Honda Pilot EX-L. Since Touring is the most feature-packed trim in the Pilot lineup, one can say without reservation that Pilot Touring is the single top-of-the-line Honda SUV. With respect to utility and convenience, the Honda Pilot EX-L is not far behind though.



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Differences between Honda Pilot Touring and EX-L

Honda Pilot Touring

As is seen in the table above, the main differences between the Honda Pilot Touring and EX-L are matters of top-level SUV accommodations. By no means does this indicate that the Honda Pilot EX-L is short on elegant features, however. Both Pilot trims are standardly equipped with a leather wrapped steering wheel, leather-trimmed interior, and a driver seat that is both heated and power-adjustable. Yet the scales do favor life inside Honda’s top-of-the-line SUV when comparing the Honda Pilot Touring vs. Honda Pilot EX-L. Touring includes navigation and second-row DVD entertainment as standard features. Audio and electronic device options are also improved inside the SUV.

Regardless of the technological differences between the Honda Pilot Touring and EX-L, local drivers behind the wheel of any Honda Pilot are primed to enjoy a highly capable and fuel efficient SUV option. Chicago-area drivers interested in conducting their own Honda Pilot Touring vs. Honda Pilot EX-L comparison can find both vehicle trims at Continental Honda in Countryside, IL. Contact Continental Honda to schedule a test drive today.